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Sustainable trends for people and the environment

The ecotourism industry is not only experiencing massive growth in Germany and Europe. Newly industrializing and developing nations are also benefitting from this megatrend.


We at the Outdoor Hospitality Group go a step further. We recognize that economic development must go hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Our long-term projects consistently adhere to ethical principles, treating local cultures and the environment with respect. The projects of the Outdoor Hospitality Group generate income for all those who are directly or indirectly involved in a particular region. New jobs and income opportunities strengthen the local economy and promote regional development.


We are thus making an important contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations in 2015.


Impact: With the locals for the locals. Nature-based projects create opportunities and prospects for the future. Teaming up with local stakeholders, we tap into the natural potential for sustainable tourism with a future.

Environment: Nature and the environment also need some R&R. That’s why our projects adhere to strict environmental protection criteria. From the first concept draft to the final trip experience, we document everything transparently. We compensate for any potential damages done to the environment right on site.

Progress: All our projects integrate major future trends. Extraordinary design and year-round nature-based activities turn regional areas into flagship projects of ecotourism.

What is Impact Investment?

Our projects promote economic development while protecting wildlife, the environment and culture. All investments go into the social, economic environmental and economic progress of the regions in question. They strengthen the local economy, facilitate educational opportunities and create jobs.


Do you want more information about this sort of development cooperation? Check out our project partner’s website:

Impulse 4 Development.


What can we do for you?


Are you interested in developing your region in an economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially minded way? Are you looking for experienced partners to help you get started and support you every step of the way? Get in touch with us.

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