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In tune with the elements

Earth, water, air and fire - the Greek philosophers already regarded these four elements as the building blocks of life. In our Nature Lodges we take up this philosophy and develop it sustainably. From the choice of location, via architecture to the programs and activities, everything is in harmony with nature. Powerful. Grounded. Energetic. Receptive. With a strong, positive impact on the environment and the region.


Nature season has 365 days

Feel the beauties of the seasons with all your senses. Find balance. Experience community. The Nature Lodges and their programs are ideal for a stay off the seasonally well-trodden tourist paths. For single travelers, couples and groups. For everyone who walks through the world with open eyes. In the luggage: a good portion of curiosity about nature, the environment, the region and other people.


This includes the shining eyes and the crackling atmosphere around the campfire as well as the wellness flow in the Nature SPA. Whether experience gastronomy with regional delicacies, yoga meditation or a concert on the stage of nature - our guests throw off the ballast of everyday civilization and get to know a completely unknown person: themselves.

Fun at work?
Strictly allowed!

Get away from everyday life - more and more companies, clubs and sports teams are leaving well-worn thought patterns. Seminars, workshops and team building need a varied environment. Authentic. Inspiring. Without limits to imagination.

Nature Lodges make the energy of our places of longing tangible. In natural surroundings and informal community, guests gain new views and insights. Individually developed regional adventure programs are part of the track record . They are the basis for the greatest possible success: more team spirit.


Nature Lodges: So far and much further

Does your region have the potential for close to nature tourism with a future? Whether in the mountains, embedded in meadows and forests or by the sea, whether under the African sun or in the tropical rainforest - Nature Lodges use and promote the opportunities in your region.

All projects carefully blend into their natural surroundings. Nature Lodges are a successful mixture of puristic design and relaxed elegance. Clear lines and shapes and a reduced color scheme underline the timeless architecture. Thanks to natural, endemic materials, the cosiness factor is not neglected.

Renewable energy, ecological water treatment, and recyclable building materials prove that sustainability is not just lip service. The bottom line is that the Nature Lodges also strengthen the social, economic and ecological fabric of your region in the long term.

You have never seen the future like this before

How can new adventure spaces be created in your region? What specific options do the Nature Lodges offer? How can you make the most of your opportunities? Our exemplary lodge map gives you initial suggestions.


But every place of longing is different, nature and the environment are unique. Good concepts adapt to people, not the other way around. Get a first picture of your future; enlarge the possibilities and click on the prototypical lodge map.


Ideas are our most valuable building material


Do you want to push forward the economic and sustainable development of your region? Do you have a place where you’d like to develop a new sustainable tourism concept?


Email us. No strings attached.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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