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Is sustainability just a trend?

Sustainable, nature-based tourism is a crucial task for ensuring a viable future. And Outdoor Hospitality Group takes care of the entire value chain. We offer integrated services from a single competent source.


Idea & concept development

Nature needs to be protected. And human beings need places where they can connect with and immerse themselves in nature. We come up with fresh ideas and develop sustainable tourism concepts that preserve natural beauty and create economic opportunities for the region.

Project development, planning & implementation

Where superb design converges with environmental and social responsibility: our team of designers, architects, tourism professionals and sustainability experts turn the dreams of holidays in the great outdoors into reality. The spectacular architecture is a visible expression of an overarching ecological concept that blends harmoniously into the landscape.


Investments and financing

We give you a solid foundation for success. The last thing you want is for your forward-looking project to fail due to financing issues. We have strong network of investment partners who want to get involved in forward-looking projects.

Operations and management

Our team is made up of experienced tourism professionals and hospitality experts who are committed to respectfully operating the projects we carry out. We ensure a successful outcome thanks to international and efficient management structures.


Sustainability and regional development concepts

We recognize that economic development must go hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Our long-term projects consistently adhere to ethical principles, treating local cultures and the environment with respect. New jobs and income opportunities strengthen the local economy and promote regional development.

Ideas are our most valuable building material


Do you want to push forward the economic and sustainable development of your region? Do you have a place where you’d like to develop a new sustainable tourism concept?

Email us. No strings attached.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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