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Outdoor Hospitality: Immerse yourself in the natural world

Let yourself become one with the landscape, enjoying nature with all your senses. We develop, implement and operate extraordinary sustainable tourism projects in natural spaces that deserve to be protected. By offering sites with first-class designs and a rich variety of experiences, we create products that strongly appeal to our guests.


We work primarily in selected European regions and newly industrializing nations, in particular Brazil and parts of Africa.


Nature Lodges

We give innovative design the chance to take root in unspoiled landscapes. Nature lodges, our core product, combine truly sustainable architecture with sensory experiences in nature. We also adhere to the highest environmental standards in our operations and programming. These havens thus become a meeting place for nature lovers who take ecology seriously and want to experience the magic of nature in good company.

You want to find out more about our Nature Lodges? Details are available here.

Glamping Sites

The comfort of five stars under the stars: aside from nature lodges, we also develop glamping projects. But even here, where glamour and lifestyle meets tents and fire pits, nature is still the undisputed star. Attractive lodging options and a variety of different activities turn every overnight stay into an exclusive experience.


Campgrounds and RV sites


We offer the opportunity to upgrade existing campgrounds and RV sites: countless places have untapped innovation potential. We come up with creative solutions for adapting RV sites to their natural surroundings. All year round, we factor landscape, activities and special regional features into an attractive overall concept.

Outdoor Annexes

Connecting experiences: many vineyards, golf courses and country inns own property that is underused or has valuable transformation potential. The Outdoor Hospitality Group develops sustainable tourism concepts that complement and increase the value of existing facilities.


Our goal is not only to establish and expand our own brand, but to collaborate with strategic partners on projects that have a positive local impact.

Ideas are our most valuable building material


Do you want to push forward the economic and sustainable development of your region? Do you have a place where you’d like to develop a new sustainable tourism concept?


Email us. No strings attached.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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